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Activities and Competitions

The following Competitions and Events are planned for the next few months. Anyone interested in taking part should see their Company Captain. Copies of the entry forms are mailed to Company Captains and may be available to download here from the table below.

Date - Event/Competiton & Entry Form Open to?
6th to 8th September Brigade Council -Swansea BB Officers
27th to 28th September District Camp All Js Cs Ss BB Officers
5th October District AGM - Wigan All NWD BB Officers
11th to 13th October Queens Badge 1 Residential QB Candidates
9th November District Anchors Party All Anchors and Officers
30th November Holiday Leadership Course All BB Officers
18th January District Ten Pin Bowling Competition All Cs Ss BB Officers
1st - 2nd February Youth Leadership Training All BB Officers
21st - 23rd February Queens Badge Completion QB Candidates
Spring 2020 Camp Craft Course, Date to be arranged All BB Officers
Spring 2020 Building your Skills Course, Date to be arranged Prospective QB candidates
20th June District Fun Day All BB Officers, Members and Family

Contact / Information

Archery Club - Mr D Barnes 07748 214786

Mountaineering Club - Mr A Holland